I thought I'd take a break of fashion for awhile and talk about something else. Something new. This post is especially dedicated to my beloved mom, for all the wonderful flowers and plants around the house (Thanks Mom!). This is one of the reason why I would prefer to be at home on Sundays and so I thought I could share it with my readers the beauty of greeneries, which I feel is one of God's finest creations besides humans and animals. Anyway, it would be nice to have a better camera to capture the wonders of nature in true colour and sharpness.

Have a nice week ahead everyone, xx.


Anonymous said...

FIRST! He he! Yeah those flowers are a beauty & thanks to mom! i usually dislikes flowers but your picture makes it loveable. Its good to tab from those fashion stuff once in a while. i will be posting mine very soon.. it looks much scarrier than these. i think you know which plant i am referring to. D ha ha! Have a good day!

ryan manning said...


Georgia said...

beautiful shots
so summery


Hello Wendy!

yOU are so beautiful!
I love your great style! Your booties below made wanna go to Gojane right now and purchase it! hehehe

You are fantastic !
Thanks so much for your comment! Such an honor!

KIsses and hugs,
see you!!


Damsels said...

i lvoe that you enjoy and appreciate nature so much

Wendy said...

style-antagonist: yeah i agree:) and nope, im not too sure bout what plants ur referring too but i'll definitely check it out once it's posted ;)

ryan manning: hi :) thanks for visiting!

georgia: they are definielt summery :) i think my mom would be very happy seeing this post.

Wendy said...

kirafashion: thanks so much for the compliment & comment :) you should cos these booties are super comfy too! so it kinda have an extra point there.
Thanks a lot for dropping by Kira, it's really nice having you here :)


Damsels: Thank you! for always dropping by :) loves

My Life Is A Mess said...

So beautiful pictures!I'm so jealous.I would really love to have some plants like that on my window....
lovely blog by the way...

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

The first picture is extra ordinary with the lighting.

frances said...

lovely photos
the first one is amazing x

Soren Lorensen said...

i love the last one - the flowers seem to glow and the colours are so bright.