Peaceful Pieces

(Top : Original Painter, unknown. Below : Me, water painting)
Water painting is not and has never been my cup of tea, as you can see. In fact, a cup of tea is not even my cup of tea too. I had difficulties controlling brush strokes and the amount of water used. Anyway, pardon me for my horrible attempt as I had no other options.
(Left : Original picture, unknown. Right : Me, pencil rendering)

Some artwork I did a few years back when I was still at my college days for Design Studies. I love to do pencil rendering and I used to do it using mechanical pencil as I was too lazy to sharpen the normal pencils everytime it gets blunt. Besides, I love precision and only mechanical pencils can satisfy my needs for precision in lines. In this case, I think I combined both.
Sad to say, I threw away the notebook which I wrote the name of the painters and their respective titles. Sigh- Plus, I only have the pictures of my work. The original pieces are being kept by the college for referencing reason.
P/S: Mine's not the only one being kept in the archive - for a second I thought I was special.

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