Drip Drop


The last Sunday was a pretty gloomy one coz it was raining. Sunday is the only day where I can be at home during the day coz I'm working full tilt from Mondays to Fridays, nine till seven. So usually Sunday is the only day I can rest, well sort of. Anyway, and so I decided to take some shots of the rain pouring down my room window, trying to be artistic I guess. It only rained for a few minutes or so and then it got sun-shiny again. Took advantage of the bipolared weather to snap pictures of a vintage blazer I bought the day before while shopping with mutemode from a thrifted store. It has these stripes which I really, heart. Costs ≈ USD13. Not really a best buy for me coz there's some tear at the lining but I can say it's affordable considering that it's a blazer. With shoulder pads.


I'm thinking of changing the buttons to black though. What do you think?


ivy said...

black buttons r hott!

sharon said...

yeahh....i prefer it more to be black buttons..good choice.

Wendy said...

gee .. thanks ;) i'll go with black then!