DIM : Do-It-Myself


This is what happens to jeans which are old and whose shapes are not in trend. We crop it, tear it, shred it, stud it..you name it. I did some 'makeover' to my long jeans after a round of failed attempts to find a really nice short jeans short which suits me. They're either too tight which might look a lil indecent to my liking, or too loose. The one on the left is made of stretchy material and it hugs my thighs hideously that I had to stretch it in a way you can't imagine. Torns were created using a snipper and a blade.

I will try to pose some pics of me wearing it but in the mean time, here's a quote I found in Photobucket & re-created, which reminded me a lot of
style-antagonist. Part true, part hillarious.


...totally agree with it.

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